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What Is a Bridge and Should I Get One?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
3D rendering of a dental bridge being placed over a missing tooth gap that is flanked by two shaved down teethWhile you may have heard of dentures because your parents or grandparents may have worn them, you may not have heard of bridges. Bridges are a way to replace more than one tooth you have lost. There are different bridges, and each one has unique qualities. Here is a brief look at the bridges our dentist can use to make your smile whole again.

What Is a Bridge?

Bridges do just what their name suggests; they fill in the holes left by missing teeth on one side of your mouth or directly across from each other. Bridges can be cemented in or hooked between two natural teeth, teeth with crowns, or even implanted teeth. Bridges are a prosthetic solution for people with missing teeth.

Different Types of Bridges

The traditional bridge can replace one tooth or several missing teeth. It is usually used to replace any missing tooth except for the front teeth. You may need to have your natural teeth on either side of the traditional bridge crowned to give your bridge extra support.

The cantilever bridge is only hooked or cemented on one side, which means you may only need to have one tooth crowned instead of two. A cantilever bridge is not as durable as a traditional bridge, so they are usually used in the front because those teeth do not have the workload of chewing and grinding your food.

A Maryland bridge is a great solution for someone who needs a bridge but does not want to crown their teeth. Maryland bridges support themselves with metal brackets that are located on the back of the bridge, so they are not noticeable at all. Like the cantilever bridge, Maryland bridges tend to be used toward the front of the mouth.

Should I Get a Bridge?

Bridges are a great way to replace the teeth you have been missing. There are other options for missing teeth, so you will want to ask our dentist which restorative dental solution is the best for you. If you need help replacing your missing teeth, give us a call today.

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