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Can I Get Rid of Tartar and Plaque Without Dental Visits?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Dental Specialists and Implant Clinic of Iowa
illustration of a magnifying glass showing plaqueNo one likes to have buildup on their teeth. It leaves your teeth feeling rough and rumpled rather than smooth and silky. If you are fastidious about keeping your teeth clean, you may be driving yourself crazy in between dental visits. Should you try ridding your teeth of plaque and tartar by yourself? Our dentist says you should be able to practice cleaning one - but not the other.

The Difference Between Plaque and Tartar

Bacteria cause tartar and plaque. You can rid your teeth and gums of plaque each day when you clean and floss them. Plaque is a sticky liquid that attaches to your teeth. It is filled with bacteria, food particles, and acids, which are the by-products of the bacteria. If you brush your teeth twice a day, you get rid of the plaque before it has a chance to grow sticky. Once plaque becomes sticky, it is much easier for it to attract food particles, and the acid eats away at your tooth enamel.

When you do not clean your teeth properly, the plaque, mixed with acids, food particles, and bacteria, becomes rock hard. Once the mixture has hardened, it becomes tartar.

How Can I Keep My Teeth Clean Without Going to the Dentist?

It is easy to clean plaque off your teeth by practicing proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques. To make sure that you get as much plaque off your teeth as possible, try brushing each time you eat a meal or a snack. Do not forget to floss as well to get rid of plaque and food trapped between your teeth.

You cannot remove tartar by yourself. Because tartar is hard, the only way to remove it is by using dental tools. Some people are tempted to remove tartar from their own teeth using knives, needles, or other sharp objects. This can lead to infection and possibly damage to tooth roots, gums, or teeth. Instead of using the do-it-yourself method for tartar removal, why not make an appointment with our dentist today?

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